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How many hours of TV can I store on the BV-980H? Or, how much storage is there?

The BV-980H has a 320GB HDD. Storage hours vary based on the format of the content. We estimate about 39 hours of HD content and 450 hours of SD content can be recorded.


After an auto-scan, why is my TV fuzzy and I can barely see any pictures?

This is due to your antenna's signal reception; please re-position it until the fuzziness goes away.


Can I store other stuff on the BV-980H like movies I already own and pictures?

The product does allow you to view personal content as long as its file format can be supported by BV-980H.


What TV channels can I receive?

Go to, input your home address, and view all the channels you should receive.


If I buy movies, can I store them on BV-980H?

No, all purchased content is restricted from download to the device, but if the content is purchased, instead of rented, you can connect DVD player with BV-980H with composite port and save it to BV-980H.


Do I need Internet access to use BV-980H?

BV-980H will work as an over-the-air DVR without a broadband internet connection.


Do I need an antenna to make BV-980H work?

Yes, in order to receive live over-the-air broadcasts, you will need an outdoor or indoor antenna, depending on your location.


Can I get Netflix?

No, BV-980H doesn't support streaming service.


Can I get content from sites like or

No, BV-980H doesn't support streaming service.