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Do I need Wi-Fi router to work with wireless HD solutions?

No, you don't need Wi-Fi router to work with brite-View wireless HD solutions. Transmitter and receiver are uniquely paired for point-to-point communication.


How do I set up my transmitter & receiver so that the transmitting signal is at its best?

Make sure there are no metal obstacles such as a refrigerator and air-conditioning pipe in between. Do not put the transmitter & receiver to each other closer than 3 feet as this will decrease the signal quality.


Can it be used in other country? or only in USA with USA Volts and USA TV system?

This product has a full range power adapter, so it just needs the adapter per location. However, due to the difference of RF regulation from each region or country, we are not allowed to ship the product overseas.


Can 2nd TV receive 3D video?

Both of TVs that connected with transmitter and receiver should support 3D video format. Either one of TV only support 2D format, then 3D video streaming might not supported.


Can Wireless HD transmission Kit support 7.1 channel audio streaming?

Wireless HD solution supports AC3 and DTS. Please refer to user manual chapter 6 for further information.


Can I get an additional wireless receiver to accommodate an additional room so I can have two wireless TVs?

The kit supports only one wireless receiver so you can not add multiple receivers to work with one transmitter.


Can IR feature work with my cable box?

Our device supports standard 33khz up to 40khz. You can manually change IR frequency to meet your cable box's requirement.


Can I use multiple kits in the house? Would they interfere with each other or is there something to keep each pair on its on channel?

Yes, however we recommend using no more than two kits and keeping them a few feet away from each other.