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Can I connect PLC adapter to modem directly?

Yes, PLC adapter can connect to modem directly.


Does plugCAM work with PPPOE dialing?

No, plugCAM doesn't support PPPOE. User needs to connect PLC adapter to router to deliver plugCAM image.


Can plugCAM camera work with existing PLC networking?

Yes, plugCAM camera complies with HomePlug AV 1.1 technology. However, we would recommend to connect with plugCAM PLC adapter for the best performance. Warning: If you have PLC network available in the house, DO NOT connect the plugCAM PLC adapter with router that is occupied with the other PLC devices.


Can I place PLC adapter and plugCAM in different building?

No, PLC adapter and camera can only connect to each other under the same electric meter.


Can I set up plugCAM in my office?

Yes. However, please make sure that PLC adapter and camera are under the same electric meter.


How can I check that PLC adapter and camera are connected?

Please refer to PLC adapter and camera LED light indicator, make sure that both of PLC light are on.


How should I set up additional camera?

Just plug it into the wall out and new camera will automatically connect with your PLC adapter. If the existing PLC adapter and camera are under the private encrypted network, please press "Group" button on PLC adapter and new camera, then new camera will join into the encrypted network.


Is there any maximum of camera that I can setup in the house?

One PLC adapter can support up to 7 camera only.


Is lens auto-focus?

No, plugCAM lens is not auto-focus. However, it can be manually adjusted by rotating lens.


Why my smartphone can't scan plugCAM QR code?

"QR code scan" to add camera might not supported by some devices that don't have auto-focus lens. User can also add camera by "local search" or "manual" methods from smartphone.


Where can I find camera ID and password?

Camera ID and password are located on the bottom of plugCAM.


Can I use camera default password as my new password?

No, user needs to use different password to activate camera. If you forget the password, you can press reset button on camera to back to factory settings.


Why can't I find new camera over local network?

Please make sure plugCAM camera and PLC adapter are connected (refer to LED indicators), and check your mobile device and plugCAM are under the same subnet.


When I connect to camera, plugCAM App shows "Connect to Camera Failed" ?

Please make sure that your network device can successfully access the Internet via the router. Then, check the plugCAM LEDs (PLC light indicator) is on. If not, to resolve this problem, please follow below steps:
1) Make sure that PLC adapter and plugCAM camera are plugged directly to wall sockets.
2) Press RESET button for 2 sec on all plugCAMs and PLC adapter (while they are powered), afterwards, all of them will back to default PLC group. Then PLC adapter and all cameras will automatically detect and connect. (Note, PLC adapter and camera can be configured into a private PLC group by pushing the group button. For further information, please refer to plugCAM user manual.)
3) If it's not working, please try to shorten the distance between PLC adapter and camera and check if PLC light indicator is on.


While I access my camera over 3G network, image frame rate is low.

Video performance depends on your actual network environment including mobile device and camera itself. To improve the streaming frame rate, you can set up lower video resolution or quality to improve it.


Why night vision function is not working?

Night vision function will turn it on automatically while detecting low light environment. You can also turn on night vision enhancer to improve the performance.


Can I turn off night vision function manually?

No, manually disable night vision is not supported.


Will the PLC solution work if the adapters are on different electrical circuits in the house?

Yes. If there is only one electricity meter for the house, then powerline adapters generally can be plugged into any of the sockets in the house.


What is the distance the powerline adapter can transmit?

Powerline technology provides reliable coverage for considerable distances in a home, but noises from your home electrical appliances which is introduced into your home's electrical wires is a limiting factor for the transmission distances. Thus you may get (considerably) less or more coverage depending on how many electrical appliances being used at the time your running these devices.


Which network device can I connect to the powerline adapter?

You can connect any network device to a powerline adapter, such as desktop computers, laptops, routers, modems, televisions, set-top boxes, NAS hard drives, game consoles etc.
Do I have to rewire my home electric outlets or install special filters for using this device?
Powerline uses the existing electrical wiring to network computers in different rooms so that they can share files, printers, and Internet connections. This Powerline products use existing electrical sockets (outlets) at home. If your wiring is modern, there is no need to rewire outlets or to install special filters.


What type of AC outlet can I plug for this device?

This power line product works with AC 100V with 2-prong or 3-prong electrical outlets, depending on whether the plug is 2-prong or 3-prong type.


Can this powerline device work with circuit breakers?

In many countries Powerline signals will not communicate between different phases. Please have installers or expert local to your country to check your home's electric wiring before installation.


Do I need an Internet connection for powerline adapters? Does powerline provide Internet from the wall outlet?

Powerline adapters transfer the existing signal to the power line, but cannot replace Internet access from a service provider. To do so, please connect one powerline adapter to your Internet router or modem and a second one to the device you want to connect to the Internet.


Can I operate my powerline device with a device from another manufacturer?

All brite-View powerline devices are complaint to the HomePlug standards, HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV. Other devices that conform to the same standard as your powerline adapter can also be operated together.


Why does it show "Failed to Send Test E-Mail" on plugCAM PC software?

Before you test E-Mail Alarm, please make sure that POP/SMTP Email account can be supported by plugCAM PC software. Just kindly remind you that some web-based SMTP server such as gmail, hotmail, or Yahoo account can't be supported by plugCAM PC software.